The Anti-Confederate: Albert The Smasher


Author : Rhonda Herrington Bulmer

Animation : Kent Bulmer

Narration : Rhonda Herrington Bulmer

Voice Actors : Ian White, Kent Bulmer

Tech : Bus Twenty Studios

Released : Sept 2017 (Part 1) Apr 2018 (Part 2)



In 1864, Albert James Smith was a successful New Brunswick lawyer and representative for Westmorland County. He didn’t think Confederation was such a good idea. Did you know he held it back for a year?

Here’s a quote from the end of the show that sums it all up:

In 1867, the London Times stated, “Half the useful things that are done in the world are done from selfish motives under the cover of larger designs.” Confederation may have been useful for Great Britain and for the Canadas, but not for the Maritimes.

Smith may have failed to unite the anti-confederates and secure a better union deal for New Brunswick, but his honesty and boldness is an example for politicians of any era.

If nothing else, Smith was not afraid to challenge the status quo. He accepted the reality of confederation once it became inevitable, and though it was not an ideal situation, he spent his 30-year career fighting for the rights of his province.

So like Sir Albert Smith, let’s not be afraid to change. Let’s lay down our arms, roll up our sleeves and work out the measure. After 150 years, it’s up to us.