Title : Believe!

Author : Rhonda Herrington Bulmer

First Production : Glad Tidings Church, Moncton NB (Dec 2011)

Producer : Kristin Pollard

Drama Director : Kent Bulmer

Choral Director : Tania Roberts

Composer : Tania Roberts



Believe is a one-hour, three-act Christmas play that is a fictional depiction of the life of Simeon, a character featured in the New Testament’s gospel of Luke.

In Luke, chapter two, God promises Simeon he would not die before he sees the Messiah—the one who will rescue Israel from its enemies and from its sin. But Simeon has waited for this prophecy to be fulfilled for a long time—and so has his family. Simeon’s son and grandson are tired of 600 years of occupation by foreign kingdoms and wonder if they should take their freedom by force.

Meanwhile, Mary hopes that Joseph, to whom she is engaged, will believe her when she tells him the baby she carries is by the Holy Spirit, but Joseph struggles with the news.

From the purple cloth merchant in Jerusalem, to the mother of Jesus, to the shepherds in the fields, Believe explores what it means to wait, trusting God’s promises in the midst of difficult circumstances.